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Learn How A Great Headline Will Increase Your Sales

So you got your business online but still no sales. Maybe the reason is that your headlines suck…

You see most people are attracted to things that grab their attention. That’s why bold  statement making headlines work. They make a reader want to continue reading the rest of the article or click the headline when doing a search.

When we are doing an SEO project for a client one of the first things that we take a look at is their headlines. Especially for clients that have low traffic. Just by tweaking their headlines they see increased traffic from the search engines.

Below I am going to show you some of the best headline formulas that work and get great results.

The “How To” Headline

This is probably the most used, but the effective headline type that converts.

How to fix a toilet
How to change oil in my car
How to make waffles
How to Lose Weight
How to Boil an Egg
How To Tie a Tie

These are just a few examples that promises a way to get something done. A study done by Google showed that the How To’s headline was the most searched in the U.S. Go here to see the interactive display of the data.

A variation on the simple “How To” headline is to add an action to it. For instance, instead of saying “How To Lose Weight Fast”, you could say “How To Lose Weight Fast (and Still Eat Your Favorite Ice Cream)”.

The Numbers List Headline

X Things That [ Obstacle] X Ways to [ Desirable Outcome] These X Things Are [ Unpleasant Result] X [ Topic] Mistakes

One of the great things about this type of headline is that it garauntees structure for the reader. Humans have a fascination with numbers, especially odd numbers. Numbers make people stop and examine something more.

So if your headline says “Learn How To Draw”. Replace it with The Top 9 Tips To Draw Like A Professional Artist”. This peeks the reader’s natural curiosity and makes them more likely to read on or click the topic.

The Headline That Others Know (And You Should Too)

Do [ Desirable Outcome] Like [ Famous Example] What [ Famous Example] Can Teach Us about [ Topic] What Everybody Ought to Know About [ Topic] Let Me Show You The Secrets Of [ Famous Example]

This type of headline works perfect because it is letting someone in on inside knowledge.

For example:
Instead of saying “How To Get More Instagram Followers”.

Try this instead…

“How To Become Famous On Instagram Like Kim Kardashian”

Now that headline will work because it adds authority to the headline.

Play around with different headline types and test them out to see what gives the best results. In marketing we are always testing… So go for it.


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